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UK Fire Doors – Home

Fitting fire-resistant doors in your home, office or school must surely be a no-brainer, they will save lives and property in the event of a fire. In fact UK building regulations demand that fire doors are fitted in strategic positions, for example if a 2 storey house has a door leading from an integral garage into the house it must be a fire door and new build or renovated properties with 3 storeys or more, including loft conversions, must have FD30 fire doors to every habitable room off the stairwell. However, wherever a fire could start, you should consider fitting a fire door. These would include doors leading from: a kitchen; doors from a lounge with a fireplace or TV; or doors on any room with electrical equipment or flammable items.

You shouldn’t rely purely on active fire protection, such as smoke alarms or fire extinguishers in your property. Passive protection offered by a correctly fitted fire door will always be there when needed.

Because of the very plain fire doors that you find in most offices, schools, hotels and other public places they have earned a reputation for being heavy and plain ugly. Modern fire doors will change that perception. Available with and without glass, contemporary fire doors can provide peace of mind wherever they are fitted.

Glazed fire door

Modern fire doors are stylish and will fit into any decor

Fire doors slow the spread of fire through a property, giving the occupants more time to safely escape whilst also giving time for the emergency services to reach the blaze thus limiting potential damage to the property and injury to its inhabitants.

On this site we have information on how to fit a fire door together with a number of videos that will hopefully convince you of the importance of fitting specialized fire doors. We also have links to two UK suppliers offering a huge range of doors.

A Quick Word on Prices
If you’re a developer or “DIYer” working to a tight budget then take a look at the links to Amazon. The Amazon marketplace is an extremely competitive arena and prices are normally very good. If you’re looking for something special, or maybe you need just one fire door to finish your stunning new interior design then follow the DirectDoors links. They have some truly amazing designs of fire door, many of them simply not available elsewhere.

Amazon UK are no longer the people that just supply books and CD’s. Nowadays they sell just about everything and what’s more, their prices are always competitive. With a reputation second to none in online retailing, nobody should be afraid of ordering online from these giants of the e-commerce world.

Our second supplier, DirectDoors.com was formed during 1999 with the sole aim of allowing customers to have a one stop shop for all items relating to doors. Starting with 250 square feet of showroom space which doubled as a small office and had only one desk, they quickly outgrew the space whilst increasing their range of goods for sale. They took the decision to keep prices low by getting rid of big and expensive showrooms and transforming the company to be one of the biggest online suppliers of doors in the UK.

Why buy fire doors online from DirectDoors.com ?

  • The majority of doors are delivered within 72 hours
  • FREE delivery to UK mainland
  • Huge selection – over 200 patterns of internal fire doors
  • Prices are ultra-competitive
  • All prices INCLUDE VAT
  • All fire doors certified to BS 476 Part 22 (BS EN 1634) standard

In the Direct Doors website you will find panel fire doors , glazed fire doors, flush fire doors, bespoke fire doors and fire door pairs. Their selection of internal fire doors features a vast range of sizes and styles capable of meeting all of your requirements.  All fire doors are offered with a free UK  mainland delivery service.

Follow the links on the right to go directly to particular models and styles.




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