Fire Door Closers

Fire Door Closers – Which Fire Door Closer Should I Buy?

There is no point in fitting a fire door if it is going to be left open. A simple fire door closer will ensure that the door can’t be left ajar, although obviously it won’t stop a stupid person from propping open the door with the nearest fire extinguisher!.

Type Fire Door Closers into Amazon UK and it will return over 500 results, here are a few tips to help you to choose the right one.

The most popular type of closer for a fire door is the overhead type such as this Briton model

. This style of non-powered closer ranges in price from around £15 to over £200, so there’s obviously some more things to consider besides price and colour. Basically, the more expensive the closer, the more powerful and sturdy the device. When purchasing a fire door closer there are two main points to consider, the weight of the fire door and the amount of traffic that will be using the door. The cheapest models are designed to close lightweight FD30 doors that are going to see very little traffic such as a bedroom door. If you are fitting a heavy fire door then take extra care that the fire door closer has been designed for that weight of door. Similarly, if the door in question is going to be opened dozens of times a day then you need to be looking at the more expensive, heavy-duty models.

Even the cheapest of this type of fire door closer has been fire tested to 2 hours for timber doors. Since most internal fire doors only offer 30 minutes protection against fire, it seems highly unlikely that any closer is going to be dismissed because of its fire rating. The closer will still be functional long after the fire door (and probably the whole building) has gone up in flames.

Taking a quick look at the top-end fire door closers, we will find the Geze Boxer range of totally concealed door closers where the mechanism is built into the door and frame. Click to see the full range of Geze Fire Door Closers on Amazon UK Geze Concealed Fire Door Closers.

Other high-end closers, such as this Dormer model
feature an  electromagnetic mechanism which can hold the door open until the fire alarm is activated or the door is closed manually. This type of fire door closer is ideal for medium or heavy traffic situations such as a hospital corridor or a theatre or cinema foyer. You can see a full range of electromagnetic fire door closers by clicking on this link to Amazon UK Electromagnetic Fire Door Closers

Finally we must mention the Dorgard range of fire door retainers. These are fitted to the bottom of the fire door. The fire door has to be self-closing i.e. it has a door closer fitted. The Dorgard is a battery operated device that can prop open a door at any angle. Whilst the Dorgard is holding the door open it continually listens for the fire / smoke alarm to sound, at which point it releases the door prop and allows the door to close automatically. Dorgard is particularly suited to the kitchen door of a shared kitchen in a building partitioned into bedsits or student accommodation. This is the type of door that would often be propped open, simply because of the amount of traffic going into and out of the kitchen. With the Dorgard installed, the door would close automatically when the alarm sounded or at a predefined time of night. Click here to see the full range of Dorgard Fire Door Retainers on Amazon UK.