Glazed Fire Doors

Glazed Fire Doors – Is There Such A Thing As A Glass Fire Door?

Traditionally a fire door was a big solid wooden door, maybe with a circular glass peep-hole as found in hotel or hospital corridors. Never stylish but they do the job, provided of course that they’re not propped open. All that has changed, modern internal fire doors are stylish, offer 30 minutes protection against fire and fumes and many of them incorporate one or more clear glass, fire resistant panels. A beautiful example of such a door is this “Pesaro Oak Fire Door“, ideal for a kitchen door as seen in the¬†picture.

Pesaro Glazed Fire Door
If you’re looking for even more glass and less wood in your door then the “Pattern 10 White Primed Fire Door” might fit the bill.

The Pattern 10 White Primed Fire Door

Our final example of glazed fire doors is this “Vancouver Oak 4L Fire Door“. This interior Vancouver oak glazed door is fitted with clear safety glass and fully finished veneers which all adds up to a new style of interior oak door with glass.

Vancouver Oak 4L Fire Door

When ordering any glazed fire door please remember that some planning and fire authorities stipulate that intumescent fire and smoke seals be fitted to the top and sides of any fire door and some form of door closer will be required. Please also remember that the hinges and other door fittings have to be up to a suitable fire standard.

The following link will display the complete range of internal fire doors with glass